Our School

Mornington Special Developmental School is a Specialist School that prides itself on being a welcoming and friendly school that caters for students with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities who reside on the Mornington Peninsula. .The school is located beside Mornington Park Primary School, thus providing excellent opportunities to develop interaction and integration programs, which further enhance our school-based programs.  We are a small, safe secure family-friendly school. All groups include 1 teacher and 1 ES(educational support)staff, with the student numbers averaging between 6-8 students per group. All programs are based on the belief that all students have the capacity to learn and can experience success. On this assumption, Mornington Special Developmental School aims to provide a friendly, safe and structured learning environment within which students have the opportunity to prepare for and take up their rightful place in society. A fundamental element in achieving this broad aim is to ensure a positive and mutually supportive partnership between parents and staff, and effective communication between home and school is a key strategy in the school’s operation.


Mornington Special Developmental School is committed to providing a child-safe environment where children and young people in our care are safe and feel safe, and their voices are heard about decisions that affect their lives. We promote and protect the best interests of the students involved in its programs at all times.