Annual Reports & Policies

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Statement of Commitment 


Aboriginal Learning, Wellbeing and Safety Action Plan


Administration of Medication Policy 2024


Anaphylaxis Policy 2024


Asthma Policy 2023


Attendance Policy


Bullying Prevention Policy 2023


Bus Safety Policy 2024


Camps & Excursions Policy 2022


Cash Handling Policy 2024


Child Safety Code Of Conduct Policy


Child Safety Induction Pack - Volunteer/Staff Contractors 


Child Safety Responding & Reporting Obligations Policy & Procedures 2024


Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy 


Child Safety Induction Pack - Volunteers 2024

Child safe Environment Risk Assessment Policy


Class Placement Policy 2023


Complaints Policy


Curriculum Framework Policy 


Digital Learning Policy 


Dogs On School Grounds Policy 


Duty Of Care Policy 2023


Electronic Internet Banking Policy 2024


Enrolment Policy - School 


Enrolment Policy - Early Education Program 


Epilepsy & Seizures Policy 2024


Firearms, Controlled & Prohibited Weapons 


First Aid Policy 2023


Fundraising Policy 2024


Governance and Internal Control Arrangements 2024


Health Care Needs Policy 2023


Homework Policy 2024


Leave Policy 


Mobile Phones - Student Use 


Parent Payment Arrangements 2024


Personal Property Policy 2023


Photographing, Filming & Recording Students Policy 2024


Photographing, Filming & Recording Students Consent Form 2024


Purchasing card Policy 2024


School Key Policy


Statement of Values & School Philosophy 2024


Student Wellbeing and Engagment Policy 2023


Sun Protection Policy 2023


Sunsmart Policy 2022


Visitor Policy




WWC Clearance Register Procedure 2024