Discovery Room

Sensory Room

The origins of what we know refer to as a discovery room began in Holland and was initially referred to as a Snoezelen Room. The Discovery Room is a non threatening environment designed to give children with learning and developmental disabilities a multi sensory experience. Sound, smell, lighting, vibration, & touch combine for the enjoyment of those who use the room, away from the pressures of direct instruction. Discovery rooms have provided greater awareness of the need for sensory stimulation and the desire to meet the needs and rights of people to have a choice in their learning input.


The room provides experiences in the following areas:

Switching: The objective in using simple switches is to provide an interactive system that allows the children to access all of the stimulatory effects, thus giving them the ability to make real choices & decisions and equipment they with to use.  Switches specifically adapted for students without pincer/palmar grip or with physical limitations.

  • Cause and effect
  • Eye tracking
  • Attending to task
  • Turn Taking
  • Moving from one task to another
  • Recognition of different sounds/patterns
  • Tactile exploration for students who are tactile defensive
  • Visual Experiences using Fibre Optics
  • Relaxation
  • Communication
  • Choice making
  • Eye Hand coordination

An opportunity to reach those students who are hard to stimulate or interest.