School Council

Our School Council meetings are held at least twice a term generally on the third Thursday of the Month.


The members of our school council are:


President: Valerie Beckett

Treasurer: Linda Fuller

Executive officer: Principal David Newport

Elected Parent Members:

  •  Linda Fuller
  •  Valerie Beckett 
  •  Kiley McCullagh
  • Michele Goldsmith

DEECD Members:

  •  David Newport
  •  Karen Binks
  •  Steff Nash

Community Members:

  •  Val Jarman


2020 Meeting Dates:


Term 1 -  Wednesday 19th February 

                Wednesday 25th March  (AGM)


Term 2 -  Wednesday 22nd April 
                Wednesday 20th May


Term 3 -   Wednesday 24th June 

                Wednesday 22nd July 

                Wednesday 19th August 

Term 4 -   Wednesday 14th October  
                Wednesday 18th November
                Wednesday 16th December